May 21, 2007

What’s the major challenge facing your organisation in tackling bullying?

...The role of senior management in leading this change process can’t be over-emphasised. Where senior managers only give lip service to the idea of creating a culture of respect and don’t take the necessary steps to change their own inappropriate behaviours, it won’t happen. Employees quickly become cynical when faced with statements that urge them to behave in ways they don’t see reflected in their managers’ behaviour on a day-to-day basis.

Leadership competencies

A number of leadership competencies are important in building a climate of change. These leadership competencies include:

• relating to people
• personal integrity
• visibility
• commitment to excellence
• willingness to challenge the status quo.

Leaders need to be seen to be championing a culture of respect by having an ongoing conversation with employees about the organisation’s values and by providing formal and informal recognition for people’s achievements. Senior managers also need to develop and communicate the importance of engaging in teamworking, mutual respect and dignity and valuing the individual at work

From: Bullying at work: beyond policies to a culture of respect, CIPD

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