June 21, 2014

The useless union...

Dr Howard Fredrics, did you get a response from UCU? I am in a similar position with this union. They are not willing to lift a finger to support my case as a member. Anonymous

June 17, 2014

No comment

I have been a victim of bullying in four colleges and I have overdosed three times as a result! I am intending to highlight corporate bullying of students by staff, from tutors to management and directors by taking an overdose in the main college in 2014! I will call the press telling them something big is going to happen and I will have copies of some of my stories and why I am taking the overdose! I would rather die than allow this to continue! Sandra W_ _ _ _ _ _ _ n (manager) bullied me with help from her entire team and even though I did nothing to warrant it. She excluded me with a life time ban! Now I am going to fight back with the only way I can, by chaining my neck to a bar and taking an overdose! I hope the papers report the truth for once! Anonymous