May 17, 2007

Pack of Wolves #2

...This story describes how my partner endured breaches of contract, bullying and misconduct by managers during his probationary year and, despite his probation being concluded, how such conduct was turned against him as the basis, for the first but not last time, of a spurious attempt to formally discipline him...

After many breaches, dismissed complaints and breakdown in communication by the School, my partner was called in to meet with the Dean Moreton. During the meeting, despite acknowledging that the events my partner cited constituted "unprofessional conduct" by the
colleagues concerned and seemingly recording my partner's allegations of bullying, Prof Moreton used the meeting to accuse my partner of having relationship problems which he needed to address...

Strangely enough, while my partner's probation was due to end on 31 August 2005, the 3 month extension was declared to be until 31 December. Either the Dean was trying to impose a prohibited 16 month probation or there were serious problems in managing dates within the School; either way the extension was not admissible and its handling represented yet another contract breach.

The letter dated 7 September was clearly instead a disciplinary letter. It invited my partner to "a formal probationary review meeting" at 10am on Tuesday 13 September. This was itself impossible given that his probation officially had ended on 31 August. However, my partner and I attended to answer to the two spurious allegations set out in the letter

By Melody Boyce - The complete story available at:

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