May 04, 2007

Questions for Caroline - Wolverhampton, UK

Questions for Caroline:

Of course, there has been another dismissal. It is of my partner, from the School of Computing and IT at the University of Wolverhampton notified by letter.

The claim is gross misconduct.

Apparently, he was too critical of the bully Dean of School and the widespread malpractice which I (unusually being a non-employee) managed to witness. One of the criticisms they seem to have disliked was a message posted on the yahoo group in response to the item “Talking is not working”.

I’ll refrain from commenting for now on the ridiculous charade reported by letter as a ‘hearing’ but all the details will soon be out. Please look out for my series Pack of Wolves.

My partner, meanwhile, is too ill with stress and depression (and has been since 2005) to respond appropriately and indeed could not attend the kangaroo court himself.

Needless to say the bullying and intimidation extended to use of messages posted on this forum should not make you fearful. Keep posting and keep naming and shaming.

In the likely event that you know these individuals, please tell them that the news is still here and will be here and else, that is, tell Mr Gordon, Sir Geoff Hampton, Prof Gipps, Mr Cutler and especially Prof (without Doctorate) Moreton, happy reading, there’s more to come here and elsewhere.

BTW: I was nearly forgetting my partner, who has been dismissed has achieved to date:

HND in BIT (commended by examination board) at Brunel University

BSc (hons) in BIT (commended by examination board) Open University

MPhil in Computation (commended by the examiner) at University of Manchester

PGCert at the University of Wolverhampton (despite bullying and harassment from tutors and line management)

He is also studying for an MBA with good results at the moment.

A question then for the VC Caroline Gipps, why did you not take care of all these skills , or when have you ever taken care of these skills Caroline?

Since being at the University of Wolverhampton my partner has also funded all his own studies together with other conferences, except the PGCert. He has written publications and spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds on books etc. etc. etc, without presenting one receipt to Prof (without doctorate) Moreton. Since 2005, he has been without any training supported by the University and of course he pays his own professional associations membership fees included the Higher Academy which the University instead uses for validation purposes.

Another question for Caroline, is this the fairness you refer to in your speeches where you care so much for your staff, Caroline?

My partner has also been without an office since May 2006 although one was promised by Dr Bechkoum (new Head of School of Computing at Derby University) and never implemented. My partner had to receive students in the campus bar for tutorials since May 2006 as I was shocked to witness on numerous occasions.

Caroline, seriously no space for one employee, with all these qualifications, skills, qualities and passion and seriousness about his job, bullied out of his office by the Union rep in the School of IT of your University?

Anyway, too many difficult questions for now, Caroline. More to come later with the first Pack of Wolves story: Interviews for Senior Lecturer at the School of Computing and IT, University of Wolverhampton (yes, it really started that early on).

Anybody on this forum angry about the public attack and shame of the Union collusion with management at the University of Wolverhampton?

Nice to know at least that this forum’s readership extends beyond its contributors, so the bullies themselves can believe what they see now in the mirror.

Above post received Friday 4 May 2007.

From 'Staff Disciplinary Procedures', Wolverhampton University:

'...In cases of alleged gross misconduct the University will normally suspend a member of staff on full pay. This is to allow an investigation into the alleged gross misconduct and/or where relationships have broken down and/or where there are risks to the University’s property or it’s responsibilities to other parties or for some other good and urgent cause. [Was there such a threat?]

The decision to suspend should be taken only after careful consideration and should be reviewed to ensure it is not unnecessarily protracted
. [Request a detailed explanation for the decision.]

Any member of staff who has been suspended on full pay and that suspension lasts for more than 21 consecutive days has the right to appeal against the suspension to the Staff Disciplinary Committee of the Board of Governors. Appeals must be in writing and addressed to the Clerk to the Board of Governors, Wulfruna Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 1SB

Staff who are suspended on full pay may not for the period of the suspension enter any building or premises owned operated or occupied by the University of Wolverhampton, make use of any of the University’s facilities or contact any member of staff or student
[This last one is contrary to Article 11, Human Rights Convention. This imposition has no legal standing outside the campus. One can meet up with anyone they wish within the limits of the law.] without the express permission of the Vice-Chancellor or his nominated deputies in this matter; the Head of Personnel, relevant Personnel Manager, Dean of School or Head of Department.

Staff must ensure, whilst suspended on full pay, that they are readily available to attend meetings or hearings called by the University
. For example, staff should not make arrangements to go on holiday whilst on suspension without the express permission of the Vice-Chancellor or his nominated deputies in this matter, namely the Head of Personnel, relevant Personnel Manager, Dean of School or Head of Department.

Permission to enter University premises in order for a member of staff to contact or consult with their trade union officer or work-based colleague will not be unreasonably withheld.

Staff who are suspended on full pay, will have their suspension confirmed in writing with a copy of the suspension order being given to the Clerk to the Board of Governors...'
[Usually a colleague of managers. His/her role is to 'filter' what goes through to the Governors.]

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Anonymous said...

Kingston University, where Caroline was before she came to Wolverhampton, seems to have quite a few problems with bullying and stress.

After all, in July 2006, Diana Winstanley, a highly respected and well-liked professor of Human Resources Management supposedly committed suicide (according to a coroner's report). But did she really commit suicide? Or was she the victim of foul play?

After all, she was, as I understand it, the nation's leading business ethicist, as well as being an expert on workplace-related stress. Would she not then have know how and where to obtain help if she was feeling suicidal?

Could she have found out about something that someone at a higher level of management didn't want her to know? Could she have been asked by HR to participate in wider campaign of bullying/inducement of stress on her junior colleagues as part of her management induction? If so, was she planning on telling someone about what she knew about HR's plans?

What does/did Caroline Gipps know about Kingston's approach to management induction and training? Did she learn something naughty from her time at Kingston? Has she brought that with her? Is that the reason why nothing seemes to have been done to stop the culture of bullying at Wolverhampton?

Perhaps she needs to be asked some of these questions and perhaps Kingston University needs to be asked a few questions, as why didn't the Vice-Chancellor turn up to the Business School to reassure staff members after Prof. Winstanley's untimely death? Could it be because he was simply too busy to bother? Or is there another reason?