January 29, 2014

Having worked at Kingston University...

Having worked at Kingston University I experienced racism and people got away with it. I was told when I got the job by the team leader that "there are many other jobs out there" after she offered to take me out for an introductory tea and in hindsight she was doing me a favour a telling me how it is. I was one of a number of applicants who applied and been offered the job there was departmental grooming of new applicants into particular work areas and I was the last and on weeks without work and ended up sharing a workload. A colleague who joined at the same time as me complained about departmental behaviours and etiquette. The international department is actually the British Government department how offices are related to based on countries and associations. I worked for about a year and went through disciplinary procedures without a union rep as I was naïve believing that reason and fact coming first their was no basis to the charges from the department. There was no basis for on Institutional racism in UK universities?


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Anonymous said...

Please feel free to contact me in confidence about what happened to you at Kingston University. We operate a website, http://www.sirpeterscott.com, that raises bullying-related issues experienced by staff and students at Kingston with an eye towards persuading the University that it must respond with positive change.

Send email to: blowthewhistle@sirpeterscott.com