February 13, 2008

Latest News About Kingston University - UK

The London South Employment Tribunal has ruled against Regina Benveniste in her claim for unfair dismissal and victimization. In its failure to refer to key points of compelling evidence presented by Dr Benveniste in her case documents (including documentary evidence that the Personnel Director, Liz Lanchberry, had openly called for her immediate dismissal because she could not bear the thought of Dr Benveniste bringing forward an appeal of her grievance to the Board of Governors), the Tribunal has whitewashed a case in which an employee was solely and exclusively targeted for imposition of workplace rules on working at home.

The University freely admitted that it had created the policy barring

working at home for more than one day per week in order to address Dr
Benveniste's working methods. It did not impose such a policy on any
other staff member, nor did it subject any other staff member to
disciplinary/dismissal procedings, as it did with Dr Benveniste. This
"convenient" action to single out and dismiss Dr Benveniste occurred
following her having filed a suit for discrimination and harassment, as
well as a grievance which was, of course, not upheld by the University.

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For more details of this case see http://www.sirpeterscott.com/images/echr.pdf

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Kingston University was represented by a legal team that costed £313,919.07 of public funds. Dr Benveniste represented herself as she could not afford the cost of extensive litigation.