December 05, 2006

Are You [an academic] B.O.S.S. -- "Boisterous, Omnipotent, Self Indulgent, Sociopath"

Is your academic line manager a Boisterous, Omnipotent, Self- indulgent Sociopath... B.O.S.S.

People who attain positions of power, whether it is C.E.O., Vice President of Sales, C.O.O., Sales Manager, Branch Manager or another position of authority [Dean, Principal, Assistant Principal, Chancellor, Vice Chancellor etc, etc], reach these positions for a variety of reasons. The reasons are not always a result of competency and hard work; these positions are not always earned. Alternative reasons for being promoted to positions of power include:

Nepotism, Politics, Being in the right place at the right time, Personal relationship, Extraordinary suck-up behavior, Being the tallest in the land of midgets.

Failure to recognize the “Peter’s Principle” - Promoted beyond the individual’s ability to handle the new responsibilities.

Success is defined by the quality of leadership at all levels in the organization. Acting like a B.O.S.S. is not a demonstration of leadership.

From:, by Rick Johnson

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