April 08, 2014

A normal routine...

I have been bullied in the most unprofessional way possible by a senior manager and, nothing was done about it until I decided enough was enough and put in a formal grievance in with full documentation and evidence against the senior manager who had been bullying me.

The whole process was dragged out and false allegations were made against me! It turns out that I ('The Victim')... am now seen and treated as the perpetrator!!!

There is so much 'gate-keeping' and lies around bullying, harassment and discrimination, that the truth cannot come up for air... The individuals 'in power' within the organisation(s) do not want to actually admit that this bad behaviour is consistently going on within their organisation and, no one person wants to be the one to 'press the button' to start the fair process going!

It has got to the point where one has to think that they ('The Powers That Be') actually endorse this kind of behaviour themselves!

Anonymous academic


Anonymous said...

You violated some fundamental rules with your grievance, such as:

1. if you hope to win, never fight back
2. even if you win, you lose--the bully will always continue fighting and won't stop until he or she wins at *any* cost
3. the system is rigged in favour of the bully
4. rules of behaviour and conduct will never apply to the bully

Been there, suffered for it.

So how does one win? Escape under terms that *you* dictate, go some place where your tormentors can't touch you or do you any possible harm, and work on your own personal prosperity.

Remember the words of Oscar Wilde: "Living well is the best revenge."

Damian Xavia said...

I have been a victim of being bullied by four colleges and taken three overdoes as a result! I am intending to highlight corporate bullying of students by staff from tutors to management and directors by taking an overdoes in the main college in 2014! I will call the press telling them something big is going to happen and I will have copies of some of my storey and why I am taking the overdoes! I would rather die than allow this to continue! Sandra Wilkinson manager bullied me with help from her entire team and even though I did nothing to warrant it, excluded me with a life time ban! Now I am going to fight back with the only way I can, chaining my neck to a bar with a d bar and take an overdose! & hope the papers report the truth for once!

Anonymous said...

After being bullied at the University of Newcastle (Australia) I packed up and left.

I moved somewhere where they would never be able to harass me.

It was a painful process but it eventually made me realise there are no real gains to be made in arguing with a narcissistic superior. Better to move on and rebuild which is what I did.

They (who will not be mentioned) will eventually reap what they sow. They have planted nothing so they will receive nothing as well.