April 18, 2008

UCU in court

My three day adjourned case against the UCU starts again in the London Kingsway Tribunal (next to Holborn Underground) at 10 am on Monday the 20th April 2008. If any of you can attend between Mon-Wed we welcome your support.

Please make sure if you attend that you sit on the same side as my Counsel or otherwise it will send the wrong signal of support to the Tribunal.

The case is in regard to the discriminatory rule 5.6 introduced by the UCU in 2006 during the amalgamation of the Union to deny members legal aid for questioning their legal advice.

Mr Wilkin is going to give evidence first followed by the following people Ms Sally Hunt, Mr Paul Mackney, Ms Brenda Kirsch (UCU editor) and Mr Andrew Pike

From received email.


Anonymous said...

An excellent idea to give details of tribunal cases on this blog. Let's have more of this.

I can't be there but my thoughts will be with you.

Yet another brave soul speaks out in public before being silenced.

Those of you who skulk in the shadows and refuse to give your support to those of us who speak out...

... you should feel ashamed of yourselves...

... you miserable wretches...

In solidarity.

Aphra Behn

Anonymous said...

It would be good to have some more particulars of this case. I'd like to know who the claimant is and what the basis of the case is, beyond the notion that the claimant questioned UCU legal advice received. Is this an Employment Tribunal that's hearing this case? If so, how has the claimant managed to have a case where UCU has denied legal support heard by an Employment Tribunal? I'd LOVE to take UCU to an Employment Tribunal if it is indeed possible to do so, as they did a very similar thing to me.

Anonymous said...

Are there transcripts available of these cases? I have seen transcripts of court cases on blogs...

Aphra Behn

Anonymous said...

Look at http:\\cemkumar.googlepages.com

Victims of the UCU.

You are not alone.