April 09, 2008

A serial offender?

Beneviste v Kingston University [2006] UKEAT 0393_05_1703 (17 March
2006) http://www.bailii.org/uk/cases/UKEAT/2006/0393_05_1703.html or

Benveniste v Kingston University [2007] UKEAT 0008_07_2803 (28 March
2007) http://www.bailii.org/uk/cases/UKEAT/2007/0008_07_2803.html or

Dutt v. Kingston University [2007] UKEAT 0351_06_2408 (24 August 2007)
http://www.bailii.org/uk/cases/UKEAT/2007/0351_06_2408.html or


Anonymous said...

I think the real difficulty here, and the issue affecting current complaints about Kingston, is the number of cases that never proceeded to judgement. All we see are the cases that Kingston either chose to fight or was forced to fight, not those appealed ad infinitum or settled in confidence or where the complainant just plain gave up.

And even if we know these complainants by name, we could not publish any details. I don't know about publishing the number of complaints made, the total legal fees / settlements or other indicators as some other members of the board have through Freedom of Information requests.

But a serial offender seems a distinct possibility.

Anonymous said...

And there are several more cases to report by this offender, all of which were won by the claimants.

Agi Oldfield v Kingston University-constructive dismissal
Diana Winstanley v Kingston University-sex discrimination
Jean Woodall v Kingston University-sex discrimination

One link to a story in THES:-

Anonymous said...

After a sleepless night I woke early to write - to record the events of yesterday... in a rather pathetic way.. like those targets of workplace bullying do... you can imagine the kind of thing - self pitying twaddle...

... then I logged onto the blog and read through these cases...

... so helpful... such insights into tribunal cases and what might be in store for those of us who dare to speak out...

... they wait to dismiss us...

I skipped down the road shouting inside my head


Aphra Behn