March 16, 2007

How would you cope?

The Kubler-Ross theory of grief has long been used as a model for describing the stages a person goes through when handling loss.

This was expanded on by an employment counsellor (Vancouver based, by the way) named Norman Amundsen to be used when looking at the stages in grieving over 'losing' a job.

Stephen has now used the model to apply to workplace bullying (all situations share loss, grief and change) and even with an audience of seasoned employment counsellors the adaptation seems to hold up.

The first screen shows the basic model, the second how repetition creates such damage.


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Anonymous said...

We cope by accessing blogs like this which provide a resource for understanding and theorising our experiences.

Waking from yet another night of trauma one logs on to discover a world with which we are familiar - a world of debate and discussion and writing.

We can hold up our experiences to this world - move into a familiar role as researcher and writer - and experience a sense of calm.

Writing and thinking about our experiences - developing frameworks and concepts to deconstruct them is a world that is familiar to us...

Aphra Behn