December 16, 2015

University of Ulster Victims Association

An association of former and current staff of Ulster University who have been subjected to systematic victimization and illegal treatment on Facebook:


Anonymous said...

Members of the Ulster University Staff Victims Association have been frustrated by the university's lawyers at every stage of their efforts to secure an end to the harassment experienced by serving and former academic staff at the university. Despite two periods of suspension for alleged gross mis-conduct, a final disciplinary warning for proven mis-conduct, an on-going police investigation into perversion of justice, successive formal complaints of bullying by the various staff unions, UU's Head of Human Resources, Ronnie Magee, remains in post. Staff believe that Mr. Magee knows too much about a seriously dysfunctional university so that he has been able to effectively blackmail his superiors. Staff remain hopeful that the case against Magee which is with the Director of Public Prosecutions, will be upheld and Magee will finally be dismissed.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent comment. How come UU can go on allowing Magee to remain unsuspended while under criminal investigation for his work activities? It is extraordinary.

The answer is that there is there no governance system in place. There is supposed to be - Westminster state that DEL, the Northern Ireland Department of Employment and Learning, is responsible; yet DEL deny it. That’s why UU’s management can, and will, continue doing what they are doing. There are also big questions to ask on the competence and relevant experience of many of the senior management - DEL should be asking these too - but don't.

Anonymous said...

Both universities in the province run like the "wild west".....the good people who put themselves forward to be union volunteers have to play that game....they make the situation a bit better for their members....thats the limit of what they can do...both universities have thugs as HR directors- people who have no wish to understand the unique features of a supposedly academic environment. Both places have tough CFO's who look only at money not people- senior officers who have zero time for academic factors, and finally both organisations have attracted VC's who are eminently suitable. The QUB VC is a fine medical scientist but hopeless manager, who leaves it to his thugs to do the necessary dirty work. Witness his spectacular climb down when the university was forced to host a major terrorism conference which QUB senior staff had vetoed. QUB IS NOW RUN BY THUGS BECAUSE VC JOHNSTONE IS A WEAK MANAGER! Ulster has a man who was known as "the butcher of Tassie" where he was one of the most hated senior officers of the University in Hobart, Australia. Ulster's new VC once fired 12 protesting Tassie staff on the spot without any use of formal legal process and allegedly told them "go get your lawyer but f..k off my university..." The consequent legal bill to the university was one of the reasons why he himself left. HE IS JUST THE SORT OF THUG ULSTER UNIVERSITY NEEDS!