July 01, 2009

Bullying of lecturers in Higher Education

Callers from the education sector including universities have accounted for around 20% of all calls and enquiries to Bully OnLine since 1996. A survey published in the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) on 16 September 2005 found the bullying is common in the academic workplace, with 40% or respondents saying they were currently the target of bullying. Lead researcher Petra Boynton, a University College London psychologist, uncovered 800 almost identical cases of bullying.

The survey revealed that those most likely to report being bullied were in the caring or support professions, such as social sciences - particularly psychology - health and medicine and academic support or human resources. It also indicated that senior academic staff - senior lecturers and professors - are as likely to be bullied as junior or contract staff. University HR departments, rather than helping victims, were seen by respondents as protecting institutions and bullies.

From: http://www.bullyonline.org

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From THE blog - case at Kingston

The background to Dr Benveniste’s complaint against Kingston University and the manner in which it was dealt with by the Employment Tribunals are outlined in her application to the European Court of Human Rights (www.sirpeterscott.com/images/echr.pdf). I think after you read this relatively succinct excerpted history, you will understand that this case had very little to do with actual working practices (i.e. home working) and much to do with allegations of victimisation for having voiced legitimate grievances.

Aphra Behn