April 12, 2007

University of Wolverhampton, UK - Stress, Depression, Bullying

Anonymous said...

Is there anybody who knows how I can find the statistic (University by University) about stress and depression?

Also I am interested to know if there is a database reporting how much (if any!) Universities have been fined by the Health and Safety Executive for not caring about stress and depression.


PS: Health and Safety executive Mr. Ratty has confirmed that soon investigation will be carried out at the University of Wolverhampton for issues relate to stress, depression, bullying leading to depression. If you please would like to witness events or if you are suffering or suffered of depression / stress due to bullying, workloads or for other reasons, please discretely visit the yahoo groups bullied_academics. Soon I will introduce a topic in which you can discretely read the happenings of the investigation and share your experiences to help bring evidence to the investigation.

We are not aware of any body in the UK keeping statistics and/or detailed data regarding stress, depression, and/or bullying per university. Sadly, not even our union is doing so.

We have never heard of the Health and Safety Executive imposing penalties of any kind on any university in the UK due to unacceptable levels of stress, depression, and/or bullying. We would like to know if anybody has any info on this.

Lastly, it is well within the remit of the Health and Safety Executive to investigate unacceptable levels of stress, depression, and/or bullying in universities, but is it not sad and telling that university bodies themselves (HEFCE, QAA, Universities UK - previously known as Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals) are not even remotely interested.

Self-policing in terms of stress, depression, and/or bullying is not working. A good example is the requirement for universities in the UK to publish the results of monitoring how they apply and deal with equal opportunities every year - has anybody seen any of these annual results?

Make a fuss - kick up a stink - make noise - voice your concerns - silence is not an option. If we don't do it, nobody will do it for us.

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