April 29, 2008

We welcome HEA - we can only hope that they have learnt something

We welcome the visit to this blog by the Higher Education Academy on April 29, 2008 at 5:23pm. We can only hope that the HEA had a good look around and discovered the horror stories about institutionalised bullying in some HEIs. If they did, then they'll know that their suspension of a distinguished Professor follows a sad and normal trend. We recommend that those in power within the HEA read some interesting literature about mobbing in academia. In the meanwhile, this blog will continue to expose HEIs that ignore their own policies about dignity at work.


Anonymous said...

Two years ago in May 2006 this blog appeared. An extract from one of the first postings:

...The bully will fan the flames of fear in your coworkers suggesting you are mentally ill.

He will continue to antangonize you hoping that you will slip up in your diminished and now highly emotional state.

Your complaints to management, or if the bully is a manager, your complaints to company executives or HR will fall on deaf ears. The bully has already poisoned their minds against you. You will be dismissed as a paranoid troublemaker, possibly mentally unbalanced and a threat to company morale and safety.

As you take more time off work to try to get a handle on the situation it will be used against you. It will, naturally, impact your productivity. You will be called into the office where you will be blamed for what is happening. Your boss will tell you that your productivity is slipping, you are missing work, coworkers have been complaining about your poor attitude. You will be told to shape up or ship out. You will be asked, "Why don't you just quit if you hate it here so much?" You will tell them you love your job, that the bullying which management is condoning is effecting your health and making it difficult for you to do your job. You will tell them they are responsible.

You will be disciplined, you will be punished and then - you will be terminated...'

From: Mobbing Survival

Can it be this difficult to get people to listen...??

Do academics in prestigious universities actually behave like this?

Does anyone care?

In solidarity

Aphra Behn

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! They actually came directly from Google after searching explicitly for "http://bulliedacademics.blogspot.com/" - what a literalist mindset to Google the URL rather than typing it in the address bar. It suggests somebody annoyed (to take the trouble), not very technical who has knowledge of the exact URL from a visual source.

If you are reading, HEA, then you know that your actions are here, online and for all to see, and you have no control. Play nicely.