July 17, 2007

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This story is typical. Complainers against bullying, especially if done by a manager, rarely succeed and usually lead to dismissals. That's just a fact of life in the UK.

Best to use outside of work methods to put a stop to the bullying -- e.g. criminal charges under the protection from harassment act or private civil harassment suits against the bully him/herself.

Or better still organize your own guerilla campaign of countermeasures - e.g. exposure of the bully.

There are no employment rights left in the UK and employers know it. The Tribunals are stacked with Chairs that are biased/in the pocket of employers and precendents have been established allowng employees to be dismissed fairly if they whistleblow, on the grounds that the whistleblowing causes a 'breakdown in working relationships' -- the catch-all dismissal method these days.

This blogspot is one really good place to expose the bullies as it does have the attention of the media

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Did you know that bullying by employers is not illegal? I was told that today by the UCU. Although the way I am being treated is not acceptable, it is still not illegal!