April 18, 2007

What a harassment/bullying policy should include

1. Commitment from Senior Management

2. Acceptance that bullying is an organisational issue

3. A statement that bullying is unacceptable and will not be tolerated

4. Clear definitions of unacceptable behaviour

5. Legal implications for organisations and individuals

6. A statement that bullying may be treated as a disciplinary offence, and it should listed as a misconduct and gross misconduct in the disciplinary procedure

7. Steps to assess and prevent bullying

8. Mechanism for third party complaints

9. Mechanism for initiation of the policy without a complainant

10. Duties of Heads of Department and Supervisors

11. Confidentiality for complainants when they report bullying

12. Procedures to protect complainants from victimisation

13. Clear complaints procedures, separate from the normal grievance procedure

14. A trained network of ‘confidential advisers’ and where to contact them

15. Informal complaints procedure

16. Formal complaints procedure

17. Procedure for investigating complaints

18. Information and training about bullying and the policy

19. Repair mechanisms/options outlined

20. Access to support and counselling

21. Review and monitoring


22. Is it jointly agreed by employer and trade unions?

23. Does it cover everyone?

24. Is it implemented?

From: Equality Challenge Unit

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes - making lists like this is the easy part - is this list from Roger Kline's Equality Challenge Unit?

There needs to be far more support from UCU in supporting members to work with their university to realise this list.

Aphra Behn