January 22, 2007


Quiz. Question 1 - Name an HEI (Higher Education Institution) where:
  • many staff have rock-bottom moral

  • staff often work in a culture of fear

  • some staff feel isolated and unfairly treated

  • anger exists between different groups and individuals

  • where there is fear of victimisation

  • leadership and management style is at the heart of much of the unhappiness

  • where an "inner circle" takes over - who are happy in their work and a majority who feel bullied, isolated and discriminated against

  • staff recruitment processes are between "reasonably sound" and "flawed"

  • there is concern about fairness and transparency of the promotions process

  • where performance management are "punitive", and nearly all staff consider communications to be poor
Who is it?
If all bullet points do not apply to your answer, then the winner will be the one with the highest number of bullet points from the above list. ; )


Anonymous said...

I can tick all the boxes - my centre of excellence has the disintermediation of under-performing non-mission-critical non-drivers as a core deliverable along its critical path going forward into an enhanced worldclass monetized cycle. Sadly, I think you will have a lot of entrants, but do see this:

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon said...

Anybody else? Can somebody beat this one (above)?

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for a post like this.

I can tick all boxes and add the following,

* where an "inner circle" members take over despite having less qualifications than the rest

* where "inner circle" members make serious mistakes while "outer circle" members pay for their mistakes with their careers and healths

* where "inner circle" are given control of "outer circle" members output and can therefore gain credit for their work

* where open competition for a post is done only after staff become aware of the opening!

* where mangagers lie, blackmail, steal, double count, and can rely on their own their OBE recipient managers to cover their tracks.

This institution's name starts with an "I".

Anonymous said...

imperial college in London has to be the worse by far... one colleague was threatened by his manager with reprimandation for contradicting him... the word disobedience was used to prevent a colleague from speaking out...and so on