January 22, 2007

NSW Premier Iemma Control Bullying? What a Laugh - Australia

By Jolly Judge Judy Tuesday January 23, 2007 at 01:45 AM - reporter@wbde.org - Melbourne Indymedia

With hilarity we read that NSW Premier Morris Iemma may attempt to adentify and reduce workplace bullying. NSW is Iemma country - the bullies' paradise.

With hilarity the following article was circulated among some of the huge number of public servant whistleblowers who were bullied/victimised by the corrupt, vindictive Carr/Iemma government. Iemma's and Carr's boys lead the parade of bullies in NSW.

WhistleBlowers' Documents Exposed web site have hundreds of items showing the million$$$ of dollar$$$ they have misappropriated to serve their own benefit: silence whistleblowers.

See TAFE teacher Val Kerrison's case at http://www.wbde.org/documents/2006_Mar_03_IndyMedia_

[This case has been going on for ten years and involves a teacher at a further and higher education institution]

See how Ken Boston bullied and victimised the teachers reporting the pedophile Peter Boys at

...Now we see the pathetic little Telegraph report that the equally lazy/corrupt NSW Teachers' Federation opine that "...It is expected the Iemma Government will be asked to fund formal training "to recognise and reduce workplace bullying."


Iemma's punks could write the manual on how to bully the defenceless.

Carr [previous Premiere of NSW] already srote the instructions manual on how to send whistleblowers to the corrupt HealthQuest psychiatrists, and make them submit to this degregation, then dupe them out of their jobs with HealthQuest's fraudulent, fake retirement certificates http://www.wbde.org/documents/2001_LozaAffidavit.pdf

Carr's instructions on how to force unwanted public servants to submit to unwanted medical 'assessments' especially to persecute whistleblowers are now held by Iemm. This is Soviet-style psychiatry to punish, discredit, and ruin NSW whistleblowers http://www.wbde.org/references/PsychiatryPolitica

NSW government's bullying/victimisation/corruption extends across participating departments, watched by idle, useless 'watchdog' departments state wide http://www.wbde.org/documents/IF_2_OR_MORE_ARE_

The courts and ICAC (NSW corruption centre) show their colours towards the bullied/victimised whistleblowers.

All of this is a great expense to the public, both financially and morally by getting rid of the ethical public servants out of government departments.

Jo Hewitt
WhistleBlowers' Documents Exposed http://wbde.org


Disgusted said...

"Bullying" is too mild a word for the thuggery meted out against targetted inside reporters (whistleblowers). If the thuggery causes the death of ruination of the poor employee - hey the department lawyers and management consider this to be a win.

Such, unfortunately is the state of the management in 'troubled' departments overseeing education, health, police, etc.

The problem is from the top down. Iemma and Debnam curry favours and votes from the public service bullies/thugs by turning a blind eye.

The public purse provides a endless supply of money to support the bullies in power - and they can simply pick off the individuals with ethics one at a time.

Others around the thugs (Iemma and his boys) dare not show ethical behaviour, and show up Iemma and Carr for the lazy incompetents that they are for fear of incurring the same criminal sabotage.

It is only the activist sites such as Whistle Blowers Documents Exposed http://wbde.org who have the guts to publish.


Pierre-Joseph Proudhon said...

Re: the comment/post above, can you please post us an email at: bullied.academics@yahoo.co.uk

Anonymous said...

HealthQuest has been used for years to bully academics by falsely certifying that dissenters are 'mad'. Now the CEO of HealthQuest Alison Viney LLB has been made a magistrate. N.S.W.is looking more and more like a Nazi or Soviet style state.

Anonymous said...

The Australian government, complete with strutting white supremists would not have tolerated Val because of her close proximinity with the aborigines and women. I know. I have worked with them.

People vomit behind the backs of these vermin.

Thank you web hosts for giving us a place to record our voice.