September 07, 2011

Looking for YOUR Stories!

We are currently seeking individuals who are willing to be interviewed about their personal stories dealing with bullying in the workplace as a victim, bystander, upstander (intervener) or as a bully.

We are particularly interested in how the issue was dealt with and resolved, if was resolved at all.

All types of personal stories

We are looking for all types of stories from the perspective of a victim but also stories that inspire about individuals or organizations who have intervened.

Interviews are for a documentary film

The interviews are to be used as research for a film entitled Workplace on the Edge (working title) a documentary project focused on the current psychological health of the workplace. It profiles people directly impacted by it and corporate structures that unwittingly support patterns of abuse unacceptable in other environments.

If you are willing to share your story please fill out the form and a general outline of your personal story.

We will then contact you by email for further information or an interview.

Information is confidential

All information you provide is strictly confidential and will not be used on this website or documentary without your explicit permission.

If we would like to use the information, we will ask you explicitly for permission to use it in the documentary project which includes the website and documentary film.

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