September 03, 2010

Professor Caroline Gipps VC of the University of Wolverhampton announces retirement

...and we remind you of some of her 'achievements':





Anonymous said...

I read with interest the relevant entries in ‘bulliedacademics.blogspot’.
Before becoming V-C of UOW, Caroline Gipps worked as Sir Peter Scott’s deputy at Kingston University. KU was found to be, by a UCU survey, the second worst institution of HE in the UK when it came to workplace bullying. I wonder if that apprenticeship influenced C G’s style of managing human resources?

Anonymous said...

Caroline Gipps has I believe worked at the Institute of Education - didn't someone say that Peter Scott was taking up work there???

And doesn't that college appear in the Hall of Shame?

Bullying can kill - speak out - you know it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

What has Wolverhampton University got to do with any of this posting about Kingston?