April 12, 2013

The University of Ulster

The website ‘www.profrichardbarnett.com’ published information regarding what it means to study and work at the University of Ulster. Information published in this site are all from public domain and verifiable to be correct. They are also considered to be of public interest.

None of the employees of the University of Ulster is responsible for this website or owns the domain name. Information about this website was published in this blog earlier:


 On 27.02.2013, Arthur Cox, a Belfast legal firm acting on behalf of the University of Ulster, threatened the owner of the website of a defamation suit and asked that site should be taken down immediately. The letter is attached herewith. A libel suit in the UK is dreaded like plague. No matter what - the very nature of the UK libel law cuts the defendant deep.

Moreover, the owner of the website does not reside in UK and it is very difficult to defend such an allegation from outside UK. As a consequence of the threat by the University of Ulster the website is taken down for the time being even though all materials published in this site are in public domain and verifiable to be correct.

Possibilities of publishing the materials are being explored and hopefully the website would surface again at the earliest.


Anonymous said...

A threatened writ for defamation can silence any bullied academic from getting their story out and gaining support and help.

Whilst higher education institutions are allowed to use such threats, bullying,and corruption in Higher Education can only worsen.

Everyone interested must be charged to investigate ways around this fear of action by the courts, as you cannot allow the 'Bullied Academic' to become a meaningless, hollow voice. that does not try to do what it says on the tin.

Are there no MP's prepared to invoke parliamentary privilege or no lawyers prepared to take these bullies on? Does no one believe in educational integrity ?

Are all the press cowed, even the Telegraph or Mail. It is a sad day for academia,education and freedom.

Anonymous said...

You should be aware that the UK Parliament has passed a bill enacting libel reform. Such legislation means that unless it can be proven that substantial monetary damages have occurred or are very likely to occur, the claimant has no case.

Anonymous said...

N.B. the website www.profrichardbarnett.com has recently returned online and is continuing to publish important information in the public interest.