July 23, 2008

Workplace bullying in Loughborough University

This is an appeal to anyone who may have specific information about workplace bullying in Loughborough University.

If you know of specific instances or are able to provide details, we ask that you forward this information to us, which we will then forward to a journalist.

We will be VERY vigilant in ensuring the confidentiality of such reporting and will reveal as little or as much of the identify of the affected/reporting parties as desired.

Please forward your info to: bullied.academics@yahoo.co.uk

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent idea and might I suggest that it be extended to staff in other universities - specifically those listed on the Hall of Shame.

I believe that the issue of wpb is very serious. The evidence suggests that our universities and their governors are not able to deal effectively with the current situation.

As universities are publicly funded it is crucial that the public are alerted to what is happening. Responsible journalism would seem a useful route to explore.

Aphra Behn