November 10, 2016

Mr Elkadi...

"...As someone with an inherent knowledge of Elkadi, having had him as a head of school I can confirm his management practices can be described as nothing less that Machiavellian. Elkadi is a psychopathic narcissist who has only his own interest at stake. Typically narcissists cover up a deep underlying guilt of shame and humiliation stemming from an early life. 

Elkadi's father was I believe the VC at an Egyptian University and has and is still living in the shadow of his father. This is part of the shame and humiliation he has, as he has not met the expectation of achieving such status. Narcissists typically attempt to stamp their authority on unsuspecting employees by venting there frustrations of having been bullied at school in a prior life and thus ventilate revenge as a form of pay back. 

His strategy is a five year plan at any University. The first two years is about divide and conquer, and implementing plans that only serve to satisfy his own personal KPI's. At about the third year mark he has taken complete control away from those that threaten him and micro managers all and sundry before him. Sound familiar so far at Selford, even though he has been there only two years?. By the forth year cracks in his management begin to open up...

Personal KPI's not being met and being held accountable by senior management. At this juncture Elkadi becomes more aggressive and defensive. By about the fifth year his past catches up and he eventually leaves to find a new University to prey on and cause collateral damage to. This is the same pattern of behaviors exhibited at Ulster and Deakin Universities. 

I feel sorry for all those dedicated and hardworking staff at Salford. Poor bastards. You can't beat a narcissist, generally the only thing you can do is "suck it up" or leave..."



Anonymous said...

At least two female staff members have been hit on by Elkadi inappropriately. Power imbalance between him and his victims meant that they were afraid to complain and just let him get away with it. Let's hope both his wife and the University of Salford consider this disturbing element of his narcissistic personality disorder.
Women of Salford- speak up and don't let him get away with this again!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what research Salford did on their main man, Professor Elkadi?
Did they know he was sacked from Deakin?
Did they say anything when he held two overlapping positions at different Universities- or think this might be an indicator of integrity?
Did they research any complaints or try to determine staff satisfaction of those under his control?
Did they challenge the metrics he undoubtedly would have put in front of them to win the job?
Do they care about the staff who have reported suffering under his control?
Will they act to sack him if they find any wrongdoings?
Or will they do exactly as Deakin University does- and pass him on to the next unfortunate institution?
Here's some evidence: