August 09, 2011

Silence is not the solution...

I am becoming increasingly concerned about some of the actions being taken. What kind of pressure is being put on Times Higher Education (THE) and by whom? I contributed a lot to Carl Baybut's thread and that too was blocked. That is a thread about an academic who committed suicide partly because of his treatment by his university. Silencing stories which are in the public domain - Kingston and Southampton Solent is surely unacceptable. THE's silence on this matter should be a matter of legitimate public interest. Guardian journalists where are you?

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THE have just blocked another thread about the riots after these two posts were posted today.

Dr Elite 10 August, 2011
Maybe Michael Gove could bring in some Teach First teachers to help sort out the riots. Clearly they have such a positive impact on today's youth in addressing educational disadvantage, We really do need some more posh graduates to deal with our ferrel youth because they understand social deprivation and the communities where so called 'challenging schools' exist.

It is the lack of Education that has to led to these riots and a culture where 'all must have prizes'

silence is not the solution 10 August, 2011
Censoring the legitimate concerns that have been expressed on these threads regarding the suicide of an academic and a university's actions in spending thousands of pounds on silencing a whistle blower do not contribute to developing an effective solution. In the same way that failing to address the reasons behind the unrest will not contribute to an effective solution. Victor's posts here are accepted by THE - they are not censored.

THE you started so well with your survey on bullying - your reporting of events at Kingston - but you have it seems lost your way. Yes some of us do repeat our concerns - in the same way that charities repeat their concerns about poverty. These things do not go away. And they will not go away just because you have censored them on your threads.

Think again.