September 13, 2011

They don't stop until they destroy...

I was a full-time professor of sociology at Harrisburg Area Community College in Lancaster Pennsylvania. And I had kick butt evaluations at Penn st. University. I was mobbed, or multiply harassed dozens of times in the academia at Harrisburg area community college in Lancaster pa.

The people I worked around were sick and mean dude. I classify them now as having sociopathic tendencies. I taught all the advanced sociology courses at HACC, and I was the best sociology instructor there, hands down. In one of my first semesters I taught at HACC, I taught: race and culture, aging, soc problems, and soci 101. The second semester I was at HACC Lancster, I taught four different courses in one semester. can you believe that?

This happened just after I was out of graduate school. The leadership stunk at HACC. There were two other law suits going on at the time. They sat back and watched the harassment go on and on with me. It grew and grew like a snowball. Nobody did anything, but encouraged it to continue. The staff turned students, administration, and colleagues against me.

I finally filed a 60 point complaint of harassment with the PaHRC, and the EEOC. I kept thinking it was gang rape??? The case no are as followed PaHRC case no.200800802, and EEOC No. 17F200960329. In reality the complaint could have had hundreds of individual cases of harassment against me. When I filed the complaint I was fired, and it spread to organized cause stalking in the community of Lancaster Pa. They were spreading all kinds of rumors about me: unstable, aggressive, on drugs, a time-bomb... nothing could have ever been further from the truth. It did happen!

It was documented that one student would harass me 3 to 7 times a day. He did this for six weeks while the administration, and security sat back and watched. Nobody could understand what it was because it was so sick and so unbelievable. Even the doctors and counselors were confused because they haven't dealt with any cases where people had been victimized by mobbing or work place harassment. Only when a Forensic psychologist examined me did people understand what had happened to me. A person is so out of that they really don't even know what has really happened to them. You just get depressed, angry, hurt, and PTSD. Flash back of the torment, and helplessness of being cornered and attacked over and over again. And you just have to keep smiling. It's sick! Sometimes people don't even realize it is going on, but it is. And it has tragic psychological consequences on a person.

My complaint was filed. It is set stone, it did happen, and there is no denying it... my professor warned me this would happen in Lancaster, and it did. I am just glad I documented the entire thing. It happened just like a story prof. Joan Friedenberg wrote about, and posted on a site except it was much worse at Harrisburg Area Community College in Lancaster Pa. Forget the birds dude, they were like wolves and hornets stinging me over and over again... And they don't stop until they destroy, or run off...


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story. I especially appreciate that you have spoken out about the organised stalking that followed on from the employment mobbing scenario. This is now happening to me and my family. It is horrifying. Too often people tend to think those of us talking about 'gang stalking' are nutters; it helps to call it 'organised cause stalking' as you have here. Whatever it's called it is psychologically traumatic and terrifying. It is an assault on the person that can and has driven many people to suicide. It is ine essenced attempt murder because the goal is to eliminate the target,and happily there is now growing evidence that people in the US are being prosecuted for precisely this criminal activity: attempted murder, often through psychological torture that drives the target to suicide. When that fails there is provocation of violent incidents that lead to sectioning and/or incarceration.

Mobbing in the academic workplace, once a target is successfully eliminated, is increasingly being farmed out to the external community via employers who tip off community watch and police and, in my experience, by third party interface via the employers' lawyers.

Organised stalking needs to stop and all of us who are targets need to support each other and denounce this horrific breach of human rights. DON"T participate in this activity if anyone asks you to engage in it. DON'T believe the slander and lies some total stranger tells you about someone you know. Their goal is to isolate the target so that they have no support network and community.