February 20, 2010

It is endemic...

I posted here about a year ago to say that I had been bullied in two workplaces, but had now moved on to a new workplace where my manager was supportive and I was treated with respect. I was. For about six months. Then there was a change in the upper management. My team were deemed to be trouble-makers, our academic credibility has been publicly challenged, we have been marginalised, stigmatised, the pot of innuendo has been stirred about us and we have been told we cost too much. This isn't pure bullying. It is about the use of bullying tactics by a bad and insecure manager who is scared of people who might challenge him (i.e. the fine line between neoliberal managerialism and bullying). But it has the same effect - fear, unhappiness, decreased performance, etc. Bullying is now part of the culture of universities. It isn't isolated to occasional instances - It is endemic.

One more reason to sign the petition at: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Justice-Bullying/

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