November 18, 2009

Howard Fredrics Criminal Defence Fund

Dr Fredrics stands accused of harassment in connection with this website and breach of the public order in connection with an alleged conversation with Sir "Peter"Scott in the Kingston shopping area, during which issues related to Kingston University's ongoing conduct were allegedly discussed among Dr Fredrics, Mrs Fredrics and Prof Scott.

Dr Fredrics faces trial on 22 and 23 December and is facing up to 6 months in jail for these charges.

Defending himself against these allegations is very expensive and, with all of the previous efforts by the University to run up Dr Fredrics' legal bills to defend a baseless complaint to WIPO and to deal with a veritable deluge of paperwork sent by the University's lawyers in connection with his Employment Tribunal claim, matters have become quite dire.

Dr Fredrics kindly asks for your contribution, in order to help to defray some of the costs of defending himself against these recent charges, to which he has pleaded "not guilty."

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Corrupt Camden Council said...

In Dec 2009 - around the same time Dr Federics was found guilty in a London magistrates court of harassment via his blog I was also found guilty in a London magistrates court of harassment via a blog.

I was only arrested for alleged harassment following the police having a meeting with the local council. Whats does it have to do with the council? Everything.

I beleive the council colluded with the lying tenant reps who complained to the police about me harassing them via a website.

The court case and appeal was a farce. The local council has influence over the police and the courts and a fair trial was impossible for me to obtain.

The courts are a mess.