April 09, 2009

Workplace bullies

...Most people do not recognize bullying, but realize that there are problems at work that make it difficult to stay motivated. Unlike assault or harassment, bullying is subtle and may involve hundreds of incidents that appear trivial when viewed out of context and in isolation; so therefore, bystanders can't see or understand the whole picture.

Many people will not speak up, even after they recognize a bully because they lack the moral courage to stand up to one. In an environment where bullying is entrenched, it is regarded as “normal” behavior or part of the culture. Typically, there is a climate of fear and low morale throughout the organization. Those with a feeling of hopelessness will “vote with their feet” by quitting their job or retiring early.

When one does take a stand, the bully will often move into phase two of the bullying process, which is elimination. This tactic tends to keep the people in their place while the bully mounts a covert attack designed to force the victim to resign or create a paper trail that can be used to terminate the individual.

Those who refuse to support the bully are isolated, victimized, have undue constraints or workloads imposed, and are subjected to disciplinary proceedings on trumped-up charges as a prelude to termination...

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Anonymous said...

It has all the hallmarks …the denial…the cosy relationship with IPCC… those with power creating their version of the truth… but there are journalists at the Guardian with integrity who have helped to create another version of the truth which is replacing the version that the police created… the missiles that the out of control crowd were slinging at them…that they were a subjected to attacks by the demonstrators as they tried to save a man’s life….

G20 death…. Witnesses have come forward with other versions of the truth…

People die when they are subjected to bullying behaviour whether it be physical bullying – the hard shove…the baton… or the more subtle mental kind… the kind that is found in universities… the kind that doesn’t leave any marks…

Speak out against bullying

You know it makes sense.

Don’t be a silent witness.

Aphra Behn