December 26, 2008

The 'best' for 2008...

Vote/nominate for the oppressive University of 2008:

The shortlist included: the University of Leicester, Leeds Metropolitan, Oest. Akademie der Wissenschaften (Austria), the University of Nottingham, the University of Wales College, and Kingston University.

And the winner is: Kingston University - the facts speak for themselves.


Anonymous said...

Yes we fight on because we are in education.

Education is a moral enterprise.

I fight on through moral outrage at what is happening in my university.

The silence that surrounds workplace bullying must be broken.

There are members of Parliament who are on our side - who are concerned about workplace bullying and who will be prepared to fight with us in 2009.

The union must be with us. Those union members who quiver in fear at my uni must be strong and join me.

It is completely unacceptable that university staff who wish to challenge workplace bullying in their university have to take constructive dismissal in order to do this.

That law must be changed.

In solidarity.

Aphra Behn

Anonymous said...

Here is an example of a remarkable bully, the president of San Diego State University in the US. Another blog has just commented on a public letter of his:

He has all the usual traits, especially the one that runs, "I'm not the problem, people like you who don't support me are the problem, and now if things fail it will be because you didn't support me."

You might consider posting an excerpt to show that university bullies are sadly just as common in the US as in the UK.

Antonio B Duarte Jr said...

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Anonymous said...

The grievance procedure can be more painful than bullying.

Anonymous said...

What news from Kingston?

Aphra Behn