October 16, 2008

Tell the truth about life at Kingston University

Have you worked for Kingston University?
Have you been mistreated by Kingston University?
Were you bullied and/or unfairly dismissed by Kingston University?

Or were you a staff member who participated in bullying or corruption at Kingston University?
If so, it's NOT too late to seek redemption by coming forward NOW and telling the truth about WHY you may have done what you did and WHO may have told you that you HAD to do this to save your own job.

We want to know YOUR story.
Tell us about what happened to you.
We promise to keep it STRICTLY confidential.
Send e-mail to: blowthewhistle@sirpeterscott.com

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Anonymous said...

yes tell us... help us to understand why you join in with the bullying...why you stand in the shadows watching...

why you don't say NO

to work place bullying...

why you refuse to listen to those of us who have the courage to 'speak the truth to power' as academics are supposed to do...

why you refuse to act on what we say...

why you smile sweetly and walk away from the evidence we present

WHY WHY WHY ?????????????????????????

what are you afraid of????

what do you think will happen if you engage with what we are saying???

that you might have to do something??

and why not??

why not do something today to address the work place bullying that is spreading like a cancer through our universities??

Aphra Behn

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you why -- it's because they have friends in high places, and so who cares what anyone else thinks or feels?

Look closely at who the Tribunal Chairs/Judges are in some of these cases. See which ones worked for the bullies in the past. A lot can be gleaned this way.

Take a look at these links:-
Note who represents the Post Office:-



And then note the Chair of the original Employment Tribunal:-

Now note the biographies:-


Oh, but there's nothing strange going on here, is there? No, nothing at all....It's ALL above board, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this statistic?
Kingston came up as the second WORST university in the UK for bullying according to a UCU survey with 15.9% of respondents indicating that they were "Always" or "Often" bullied at work.