March 12, 2008

Meet the Work Bully

'I believe bullying in the workplace is an issue whose time has come. It has always existed to some extent but has become critical for several reasons.

First, today’s managers are being selected for technical competence more than people skills in many industries, particularly high tech and medicine.

Second, jobs are not as secure and new jobs are more difficult to find. Outsourcing, recession, health insurance portability, and skill specialization all prevent escaping from a bully. These issues can create a vulnerability that makes someone an easy target.

Third, HR is much more focused for management’s interests than employee interests than in the past. It is much easier for HR to eliminate a bullied employee than to change the culture that allowed a bully to exist and/or become a manager. My guess the stories posted here are the tip of the iceberg, I could add several more myself

— Posted by Elizabeth, New York Times Well Blog

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