June 16, 2016

Abuse of Phd students

My PhD was a complete setup at Brunel university London. They accidentally sent me an email where one of the professors threatened to send me one of her scary emails (ONE OF HER SCARY EMAILS!!!). In a bid to cover up I got a letter of withdrawal in response to my complaint about the email. The review panel of doctors included one that advised me to use hard drug (YES HARD DRUGS) and I have a witness on the day he advised. The other two are addicted to nicotine gum (which results in bipolar). Sadly, one of them was my supervisor. I intend to fight for my right. Can anyone give me advice on how to bring this unworthy group down? Advise is needed. Oh, and I do have copies of the emails which they accidentally sent to me.


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Anonymous said...

Be careful how you proceed.

While I was finishing my Ph. D., I seriously considered firing my supervisor for his negligence. The university ombudsman's office told me that I could do that, but, in order to continue with my research project, someone else had to be willing to take it over. If nobody did, I would have been out of luck. I would have then had a choice: keep my supervisor, select a different project, or abandon all the work I did.

(I know of someone who went through something like that. His supervisor quit to take a job in industry. The university told him that his only alternative was to start on a new project from scratch. He took his wife and new-born son and headed back to his home country.)

Keep in mind that people can be very vindictive. Even if you win this fight, you could still lose. Your tormentors can act like *they* are the injured party and can take revenge in subtle ways. I have experience with that from my time as a post-secondary educator.