June 17, 2014

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I have been a victim of bullying in four colleges and I have overdosed three times as a result! I am intending to highlight corporate bullying of students by staff, from tutors to management and directors by taking an overdose in the main college in 2014! I will call the press telling them something big is going to happen and I will have copies of some of my stories and why I am taking the overdose! I would rather die than allow this to continue! Sandra W_ _ _ _ _ _ _ n (manager) bullied me with help from her entire team and even though I did nothing to warrant it. She excluded me with a life time ban! Now I am going to fight back with the only way I can, by chaining my neck to a bar and taking an overdose! I hope the papers report the truth for once! Anonymous


Anonymous said...

Don't do that! My family is facing something very similar and the bullies win if you do what you suggest. Don't give them the satisfaction. Blessings on you!

Alex I F Blakemore said...

Please take care of yourself.....don't harm yourself, nurture yourself through this time.

I fully recognise your impulse, but "the best revenge is living well" as Seneca said.

Greg said...


I am writing from Australia to say I am very concerned about your latest post. If you are serious, and I certainly think you are, then I want to make an effort to reach out. My family is facing something very similar here and I can relate. I do hope you will reconsider and respond. If I can offer moral support, then I would like to do so. Harming yourself only lets the bully win my friend. God bless!

Anonymous said...

I worked in a University where there were several suicides,and attempts.There were also several other rather strange deaths "Hushed up" suicides?

I felt like that once,stopped myself and carried.I realised I only had a few years before retirement.
Now retired,and happy!

Anonymous said...

In 2006, I was in a very similar situation in California. I told my story again and again (and I encourage you to keep telling your story). Thankfully, powerful colleagues from outside of my university intervened. One of the bullies retired and the other one has no contact with me. I am now working on international projects. In addition, I am now in a position to help others (grad students and younger faculty) at my university.

catface1962 said...

Yes, I encourage you to use the power you have in the form of launching a website/blog that exposes details of the crimes committed against you. Be sure to keep it factual and include documentary evidence wherever possible. These sites CAN make a big difference. In my case, it led to government investigations and sanctions. I also believe it was responsible for a number of the bullies taking "early retirement."