October 26, 2011

The YouTube video they do not want you to watch...

The management of the University of Newcastle in Australia somehow managed to ban this YouTube video clip. According to http://stop-b-uon.blogspot.com/, this clip can't be accessed in Australia! In addition, the Federal Police has been invited to investigate.

There are all kinds of questions to ask, some relatively obvious: What happened to freedom of speech? What scares the management of the University of Newcastle in Australia?

Have a look at the video clip at: http://youtu.be/GFtmRmtvhAQ

Also read: Newcastle uni bully claims: Academic says harassment led to illness,

and: Uni staff complain about bullying


UoN ex-academic said...

In a newspaper article, the University has admitted that it has had the Youtube clip blocked in Australia.

We do not know why the clip has been blocked in Australia or how the university got Youtube to block it.

Any thoughts??????

Anonymous said...

I have not been able to find this article, can you provide a link please??

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon said...

It is not an article but a video clip at: http://youtu.be/GFtmRmtvhAQ


Unless you mean something else?

Anonymous said...

I meant in regards to UoN ex-academics comment above. They mention that "in a newspaper article, the university has..." I was wondering if they had a link to that article?

Thanks :)

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon said...

Good question but sadly we do not have that info. Perhaps you may wish to email them at: stopbullyingat-newcastleuni@live.com

and please, when you get a reply, can you give us the link to the article?

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I pasted the link to the video on THE - it was removed!

Devastated and destroyed academic said...

You can view our blog and the newspaper articles (on bullying at the university, blocking of the Youtube clip, etc) referred to at http://stop-b-uon.blogspot.com/

There is also a summary of our survey (over 185 staff and students reporting bullying).

Thank you (and PJP) for your interest and support.