December 11, 2010

What to do now?

I am a single white tenured male who is being bullied in a primarily all female department. I am a full professor, have a new book coming out next week, however have been called in my dean's office along with another female colleague of 3 years (I have been here 15 years) and had my course schedule changed to work primarily with freshmen... an insult in many cases. Today we did course evaluations and a student came to me and told me that both my dean and the other colleague had pulled them aside a told him to be certain about his narrative answers on the evaluations. He came to me with a "heads up" and told me he did not know what was going on, but I needed to look over my shoulder because he felt someone was out to get me. This guy is 40 years old and former military. So what do I do now?

Confused and Angry


Anonymous said...

You're being set up. Time to start applying elsewhere for jobs before your life is made miserable. Else to get someone to work over that Dean of yours.

Anonymous said...

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The second part... from THE

Absolute Power corrupts ......... 28 December, 2010
The Council failed to control Broadfoot and those who benefited from her 'patronage' and did her bidding without question are still in senior management positions today - and still being allowed to hold the future of Gloucestershire in their hands.
Paul Hartley was her deputy during the whole period and staff fully expect him to be appointed to the VC's job after the 'interview process' in January. After all neither Council nor management would want someone new and fresh who might make real changes???No no no that would never do- we might get another Paul Bowler who might really mix things up and try and change things for the better!
The losers are students and staff who are helpless against such an autocratic regime that holds absolute power. It is disappointing that others who should speak out about what is really wrong at Gloucestershire have not- what price integrity? Keeping your job.

These comments are from THE. They highlight the scale of the task that confronts us as we work to eradicate the cancer that is attacking HE. People are now speaking out.

Speak out. You know it makes sense.