October 24, 2007

Ban Bullying at Work Day 2007 - 7th November 2007

Ban Bullying at Work Day is now only 2 weeks away! Our main aim is to raise awareness of the issue in the UK and to encourage both individuals and organisations to have the strength to stand up and Speak Out against bullying. This year we have a new range of promotional materials, incentives and events to get you and your organisation involved.

The new campaign website is up and running so please take a minute to have a look at: www.banbullyingatwork.com

As part of our Speak Out campaign, we will be releasing 1000 balloons across the London skyline on the 7th November – the official Ban Bullying at Work Day and we want you to get involved!

Each balloon represents an ordeal that an individual has suffered at the hands of a bully, and releasing them will be an act of solidarity. Attached to every balloon will be a personal message relating to workplace bullying. We want as many people to get involved as possible. If you would like to have a personal and confidential message on a balloon then go to the website to find out more information.

This year we hope to get over a million people in the UK involved in the campaign to Speak Out and let everyone know that bullying in the workplace is too costly to ignore!

Please don't hesistate to get in touch if you have any questions at all.

Kind regards

The Andrea Adams Trust www.andreaadamstrust.org


Anonymous said...

Is there anybody able to get the balloons once released in order to read the messages and act on them?

Why not a demo with big visible slogans and messages related to workplace bullying and music?


Anonymous said...

Start to think about what you are going to say...

Who will you approach?

We are talking here about bullying in universities...

Thise of us who work in universiites have a duty to ensure that bullying does not take place.

In my university I shall be listening for the voices who have remained silent for years...

The voices who have colluded with the bullying..

Speak out....

Bullying can kill.

Aphra Behn

Anonymous said...

And we wait to hear what UCU are doing?????

Are they going to speak out....

Are they clearing their throats to try to say something?

Or are the words so difficult to speak..

Members are being bullied on a daily basis...

Do you care Sally?

Aphra Behn

Anonymous said...

The mini poll suggests that 5% of universities have very effective anti-bullying policies.

It is possible to create working environments where there is no bullying.

Say NO to bullying.

Have you been involved in bullying?

Did you join in and target a colleague?

Ignore them?

Exclude them?

Refuse to acknowledge their role in your faculty?

Watch them silently suffer?

Then what are you going to do about it?

Maybe seek counselling to help you to come to terms with your behaviour... to help you to explore other - less dysfunctional ways of relating to your colleagues...

What will you do on November 7th to combat bullying?

Bullying can kill.

Aphra Behn

Anonymous said...

Remember the UCU reps at Leeds Sally - they spoke out...

The UCU reps in my university are silent.

Their silence is an affront to my suffering.

The reps in my university appear to collude with the bullying that they know takes place.

Aphra Behn

catface said...

There is an event scheduled for 4 November, in close proximity to Ban Bullying at Work Day.

It's a benefit for the charity, Beat Bullying, with music, performance art, poetry, video and paintings on exhibit.

For further details and booking info: