August 20, 2007

My name is Andy Terry. I am 50 years old, and have been fighting against Keele University to clear my name for over six years.

After complaining about poor supervision and Departmental support, I was sacked on 4th May 2001. Apart from this having no rational reason behind it - it certainly would have been dismissed by an Employment Tribunal had I been allowed to go to one - the University failed to follow its own regulations by not issuing a four week warning about this. Much more importantly, however, the withdrawal was based upon the non-submission of an upgrade document by the 25th October 2000. I have documentary evidence that clearly shows that this work was not actually due until 20th November 2000 at the earliest.

This spurious date had been invented by Dr. Precilla Choi, together with a number of other equally spurious dates, and was just one of many instances of workplace bullying that I encountered from her. My Supervisor, Dr. Mike Boulton, had been sent copies of the agreement for submission of this work, and must have been well aware of the true date of submission, but continued to pressure me into this series of unsupported dates. Despite submitting drafts of this work to Dr. Boulton, he and Dr. Choi were both aware that my Mother had died only a few months prior to this, but this served only to increase the pressure that they put on me.

Emails show that Dr. Precilla Choi - a primary source of my harassment - was indicating to colleagues as early as 1st November 2000 that I was to be withdrawn from the University on the basis of non-submission of my upgrade document, even though this was some 20 days before its due date, and only a matter of three months after the death of my Mother. Nice person.

The withdrawal was never rescinded, and the University then set about constructing a new withdrawal, based upon the most spurious of evidence, and without anyone being aware that I should not have been sacked the first time - a factor that must have coloured the opinions of those involved in my second sacking. This second sacking was to all intents and purposes, a kangaroo court - something for which the University has failed to give any satisfactory explanation.

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