November 24, 2006

The Arch Sociopath bully, the Wannabe small time Mob Leader and 'Quality' control bodies...

The Arch Sociopath bully has his/her own mob of incompetent people. They are all scared of him/her. So the Wannabe small time Mob Leader does the dirty job, gets promotion and lives a good life... Job and pension are assured... Just pull and twist the knife when needed.

The Wannabe small time Mob Leader serves without loyalty and without respect the arch sociopath bully; knows the truth. Has his/her own smaller mob; a hierarchy of mobs. Feels empowered by the terror he/she can inflict.

The Mob gives legitimacy to the
Wannabe small time Mob Leader. There are no morals, there are no ethics... just an alliance of incompetent people who have drinks together...

Academic bureaucracy is geared towards covering up this mess. Honesty and justice are lost... Good academics suffer in silence... and the 'quality' government agencies do nothing... The wreckage is phenomenal. All hidden from the public eye...

The victims suffer. Some commit suicide. Often never recover, never work again in their chosen area.

Farlie's Law and Skorupski's Law are based on real people, on real experiences. As Tim Field said 'Those that can, do. Those that can't, bully'.

Farlie's Law: If in one's professional career one reaches a position way above what is merited, then one can only maintain this position or progress further by surrounding oneself with incompetent people.

Skorupski's Law: The more vain one's ambition, the more redundant one's grasp of morality.

The 'quality' and finance control bodies, like the Quality Assurance Agency (UK), HEFCE (UK) and Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals (UK) have responsibility and obligation to do something about all of this. Their ignorance and unwillingness to act is costing far more than they can imagine.

Who will stand up for the victims? Bullied academics have nowhere to go. We need a truly independent body to deal with all of this. The QAA and HEFCE don't have what it takes because they are too close to the system.

Don't suffer in silence - time has come to write to:

The Rt. Hon. Alan Johnson MP
Secretary of State for Education and Skills

Department for Education and Skills

Sanctuary Buildings

Great Smith Street



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