November 10, 2016

Bullying at Deakin Staff Survey October 2014 - 02

Are you satisfied with Deakin's approach to workplace bullying and other inappropriate behaviours? What can Deakin do to deal with this issue? Can you comment on the workplace culture in your area?

• Deakin treat these problems as too hard to deal with.

• No comment because I am afraid I will lose my job.

• Not at all. The investigation was tainted, biased and resulted in an effective cover up of the core problems. Deakin needs to address this issue as an OHS issue.

• The workplace culture in my area is quite toxic we seem to have a great divide in managerial skills and leadership ability and pockets of staff who have been picked on or bullied in some instances has led to prolonged stress leave or illness. Management say they are doing a better job but this has to be questioned when you hear of exclusion and character assassination still prevails.

• Workplace culture is toxic. My school has been oppressed for years to to strong bullying leadership. Now it has been released but no controls have been put in place.

• Not at all satisfied. None of my concerns were acknowledged, even when I proved no wrong doing on my part. No apology or acknowledgement of unfair treatment and I am still micro-managed and hen pecked on a daily basis. My work mates have been horrified about what has occurred, my direct manager has been excluded from these ambush meetings...

• Deakin requires a change of management at the senior levels. Workplace culture has been reduced to survivalism. There is a total lack of leadership and academic staff are demeaned and not respected or appreciated. This needs to be exposed...

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