April 17, 2011

Stirling University lies to Employment Tribunal

As part of my claim to the Employment Tribunal, I had complained that I had been subjected to a sham grievance investigation after I had made a Protected Disclosure to the Principal. Stirling University denied this. The Tribunal asked them to provide details of the alleged investigation, including the facts that led to the decision. It took five months and several letters from me before they finally provided the information they claimed existed in March 2010.

However, there is irrefutable proof that they have lied to the Tribunal. The information they sent describes how Eileen Schofield arrived at a particular decision after referring to the contents of a certain document in March 2010. She describes its contents. Unfortunately for Mrs Schofield, the document she referred to doesn't contain what she said it does.

There is, however, a different document from the same author which contains exactly what she described; but that document was never available to her as part of the grievance process. In fact, it didn't even exist until June 2010.

Therefore, Mrs Schofield has told the Tribunal that she was able to come to a decision based on evidence that simply did not exist until three months after she made her decision.

It's a big fat lie!

It represents an elaborate fraud in an attempt to fool the tribunal into believing that a real investigation had taken place, rather than just admit that there was none.

Last week, Stirling University rejected my suggestion that they were stalling by taking so long to provide evidence that a fair investigation had taken place.

In an earlier post, I spoke about how providing false evidence is fraught with danger.

It would be astonishing if Mrs Schofield was to survive this massive fraud with her job intact.

From: http://bullyingatstirlinguniversity.blogspot.com/


Beauty and Health Editor said...

Hmmm, well, sham grievance procedures at these UK Universities is nothing new of course.

There are so many people with the same or similar SHAM greivance stories, so that's hardly surprising.

They will even tell lies to cover their tracks.

In the meantime, my old employer has been voted the worst University in the UK, and it's official on the TImes list....Karma, Karma, Karma chameleon....LOL

Allan said...

I'm not sure what point you are making here.

Sham grievance procedures within universities are not known about by everyone, and it would be a sad day when we are simply to expect that any grievance will be treated in that way.

Are you saying that the government knows about it and chooses to allow it to continue?

I created my post because I thought it was in the public interest to know that a university can carry out a sham procedure and then commit fraud in an attempt to cover up the sham from the Employment Tribunal.

If it's as common as you suggest, then I think the individuals who carry out such practises should be dismissed for gross misconduct. If there's no deterrent, they'll just keep doing it. And if the victims don't receive justice, they might end up taking justice in their own hands.

By publishing my story, I hope to embarrass my former employers and make the public aware of their dodgy practises. I would encourage anyone who has suffered similar treatment to do the same. As more people know about it, I hope there is a greater chance that something will be done to stop it.

Beauty and Health Editor said...


If you are addressing me, the point I am making is that sham grievance procedures are nothing new, myself having experienced this and other people I know having experienced sham grievances.

Whether the Government knows about it, I have no idea about that. I am sure they are probably reading your blog and these comments, which they should and take notes...

I have experienced a sham of a grievance at the University where I used to work, which is now the last on the Times University list for 2011....bottom of the pile.

One of the notes in my grievance was that my Manager would shout at me in front of students and staff and shout and scream at students as well. Now the University has been voted worst in the UK. Does that tell you something? I hope it does....This tells you clearly that they have a problem, not isolated to myself as one lone complainer.

I thought it was pretty clear enough what I said in my previous post without having to write a long essay about the whole thing.

Beauty and Health Editor said...
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