March 11, 2011

UniLeaks is a news organisation

Unileaks will accept restricted or censored material of political, ethical, diplomatic or historical significance which is in some way connected to higher education, an agency or government body working in partnership with an institution, e.g., a University.

We absolutely do not accept rumor, opinion, other kinds of first-hand accounts or material that is publicly available elsewhere.

We restrict our accepted material because our journalists write news based on the material, and then provide a link to the supporting documentation to prove our stories are true.

It’s not news if it has been publicly available elsewhere first, and we are a news organisation.

However, from time to time, the editors may re-publish material that has been made public previously elsewhere if the information is in the public interest but did not have proper news analysis when first released.

If you are sending us something, we encourage you to include a brief description of why the document is important and what the most significant parts are within the document. It will help our journalists to write up and release a story much faster.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks - this sounds useful for those of us who are failing to make progress by using internal processes. This blog is so useful!!