November 23, 2010

Please help me

Please help me. I have a principal who is nagging me although all my students are passing their classes. Her comments are that because I was raised Catholic I do not have to teach like I am in a catholic school. Another teacher makes fun of my accent and handwriting. I was born in Europe. The other teacher is American born, falsifies attendance records and yet nothing is done. What can be done? I need this job but it really annoys me to work with such an unethical group of people.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Please help me,

Having in mind that your students are passing the classes and there're no objective indicators that your work is not fine in any respect, start writing down the dates and short summaries of discussions with your principal, colleages and "funny" moments. Then start an action because of discrimination on the grounds of religion (principal's comments) and ethnicity or citizenship - poking fun on one's accent is discriminatory and constitutes bullying (even if you're white)