June 23, 2010

Summer readings

1. Backfire basics - The keys to backfire
2. Checklist of mobbing indicators
3. The Bullying Boss [In Academia]
4. Injustice destroys justice...
5. Are they claiming that you are emotionally unstable?
6. Raw Thought: Causes of Conformance
7. Misery of Dysfunctional Meetings
8. Crusade against the jerk at work
9. Effects of Psychological Harassment
10. Groupthink
11. Ten Signs of an Incompetent [Academic] Leader
12. Why grievance procedures are inappropriate for dealing with bullying
13. Whistle blowing - supporting governance in higher education
14. Complaint against Michael Scott, Universities and Colleges Union Solicitor
15. Identifying the work place psychopath
16. 25 Top Workplace Bully Tactics
17. The Peter Principle in Academe
18. Psychopath Checklist
19. Kingston University witness intimidation
20. The Concorde Fallacy
21. Workplace Bullying - Researchers
22. The Abilene Paradox - Why Team Members Won't or Can't Help
23. Why Does [ACADEMIC] Mobbing Take Place?
24. Avoiding Academe's Ax Murderers
25. Making the Star Chamber Work
26. Workplace bullying and mobbing in academe: The hell of heaven?
27. Workplace Bullying ‘Epidemic’ Worse Than Sexual Harassment
28. Eliminating Professors. A Guide to the Dismissal Process. By Kenneth Westhues
29. Workplace Bullying In Academia: A Canadian Study
30. So you want to know how some universities waste taxpayer money and who the biggest offenders are?

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