May 28, 2009

Lecturer suspended over allegations of defamation - University of Salford

The situation within the School in question is terrible. The staff are aware of the truth and support the lecturer who is suspended for allegedly harassing this PhD student. That is why there were 74 staff signatures supporting him and this would have been greater if all staff were contactable when this petition was making the rounds. There are management cronies who support the incessant nepotism and corruption proliferated by the very top of the School. The VC should be ashamed of himself for implying that race is a factor in the production and dissemination of this material. If the VC or Head of School had any integrity whatsoever they would resign, but being men of low calibre in terms of transparency, fairness and honesty, this could be a step too far.




Lauraangel said...

they want to get rid of staff like this in unis, colleges and schools. one of my lecturers is a racist and also bullies students who suffer with depression. she also changes your tutorial plan after you have filled it in to suit her needs. i was given an outstanding placement report by my work placement and lo and behold this idiot of a lecturer i have changed it to a negative report. all the other staff are too scared to speak out against her and management know what she is doing but their excuse is aww she's got a lot on her plate. yeah don't we all but we all don't go around treating people badly. when will management of these types of estsablishments investigate things like this, we had a class of 20 at the start of the accademic year and now we only have 14 due to her bullying and victimisation of students.

Anonymous said...

I was bullied by a tutor at university... Eventually a good student friend complained for me and after that my grades suffered and the staff ganged up on me. It's horrible being a target of abuse and feeling like one can't escape from it.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am a male, and was bullied for a few years by my female lecturer at university 2005-2008. I attended councelling. But the situation still haunts me. Is there anything I can do. Its june 2013. Can I still complain to the university now, or should I leave it. What should I do? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes prejudice within academia is becoming more and more saturated, and tutors especially like to attack the most vulnerable students who are prone to ill treatment, making their grades and self confidence suffer. Unfortunately, they often get away with it, with the support and back up of the University rendering the student to feel hopeless and helpless, and just damaging all potential of gaining a good degree and a good job at the end of it all! Such tutors are wicked and vile!