April 30, 2009

University of East London brings itself into disrepute

The personal web site of Prof. Chris Knight where the full report is available: http://www.chrisknight.co.uk/

More info at: Chris Knight Reinstatement Solidarity Group
and http://openanthropology.wordpress.com/

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Anonymous said...

I have experience bulling and work place harassment for two years from my managers. Also I experience verbal abuse from customers at my work place every day. My managers would tell me that a customer comes first and they are always right. The mangers threatened to fire me, I was suspended for two weeks with out pay for some thing I didn’t do. I would be followed to the washroom by the head cashiers and then get written up. In my job it is okay to being abuse by the customers and then the managers would embarrass you right in front of the customers. Working for the Home Depot sucks