April 17, 2009

A principled outcome...

We wanted a principled outcome, said the VC who signed the employment termination of one of his bullied staff members.

There are different perceptions of what happened, said the VC to justify how the educational institution ganged-up against the victim in an attempt to cover-up its own massive failures.

It was a principled outcome to fabricate allegations against the victim, including an allegation of sexual harassment against a female staff member who had departed three years before the incident was supposed to have happened.

Of course there are different perceptions of what ought to happen when the senior manager who had an affair with a lady, covered-up for her when the latter was caught stealing sandwiches from the canteen. Different perceptions means double-standards.

It was principled for one of the senior members of the university to state that if he was asked to testify in court, he would deny everything.

Principled outcomes and different perceptions...

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Anonymous said...

I love it when universities use the 'different perceptions' argument to defend themselves.

What they REALLY mean is that we're not going to admit that what has been factually proven to be true, is indeed a simple matter of fact. No, it's always just a matter of 'different perceptions.'