April 14, 2009

The price may be too great...

I am a Human Resources Director in an organization, and I have been bullied for nine years by a coworker. I just finally filed a claim, but I am physically, mentally and emotionally devastated by the effects of this subversive, subtle character assassination. I want to continue to work here, but the price may be too great.


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Anonymous said...

I continue to work in the university where I have now filed a number of grievances for alleged workplace bullying.

I continue to challenge and to ask difficult questions.

Beware of UCU - I have found them to be of very little help.

It is one of the hardest things that I have ever tried to do - to challenge wpb - in a university where I believe that senior staff and UCU reps are too cowardly to take any action to support me.

It has made me so ill... but I recover... and carry on...

Aphra Behn