March 21, 2009

VCs stand together in tribunal

The acting and former vice-chancellors at Leeds Metropolitan University are due to give evidence at an employment tribunal this month. Simon Lee, who resigned as vice-chancellor after he was told to leave or face suspension while concerns about his treatment of colleagues were investigated, is due to give evidence alongside Geoff Hitchins, acting vice-chancellor, and Keith Ramsay, deputy chair of governors. They will fight a claim of race discrimination brought by a former academic at Leeds Met, who said he was bullied by his line manager. The case was due to start on 16 March.



Anonymous said...

I wonder whether they agreed as a condition of their contracts to go to Tribunal on behalf of Leeds Met? Especially suspicious is Simon Lee's testimony. No doubt, his compromise agreement included a clause requiring him to testify on behalf of his former employer.

Anonymous said...

Interesting question. But we can't expect Simon Lee to testify against his (ex) university considering he was in charge... He will embark on damage limitation, blame the victim, etc - the normal routine.

Anonymous said...

Yet another academic who is prepared to challenge.

In solidarity.

Aphra Behn

Anonymous said...

Settled out of Court.

Anonymous said...

This has been settled out of court. John Samuals crime was to describe the VC's appointment of his cronies to Pro VC posts as unilateral and high handed.As a result of his stand against Simon Lee he was hounded out of his post in a campaign led by the head of HR. Simon Lee was summoned to appear before the tribunal but following his removal as VC he is no longer a credible witness against a former employee claiming bullying.Hence the decision of the university to settle out of court for a rumoured £100,000. The head of HR continues in his post as do the admin staff who assist him. So perhaps not that much change at Leeds Met.