January 06, 2009

More painful...

The grievance procedure can be more painful than bullying...



Anonymous said...

You're catching on about how the system works.

I was in a similar situation. Many years ago, at the place I used to teach at, my department head at the time decided to conduct a "survey" among some of my students, notifying me beforehand. What he was actually doing was gathering evidence to use against me with the intention of having me dismissed after being there for several years.

I brought the matter to the staff association which, in turn, notified the head. He didn't take too kindly for me "going behind his back" as he might have put it, even though I was doing something that I had every right to do, not just as a member of the teaching staff but as a citizen and a human being. He made sure I suffered for my "indiscretion".

I resigned several years later when I knew that I wasn't going to win that fight. He's still there, as far as I know.

El Cid

Anonymous said...

The grievance process in my university is horrendous... and what do my union do.... very little... despite their booklets and posters about work place bullying.

It's not good enough Sally.

You've got to do better than this.

Aphra Behn

Anonymous said...

My union were oh so supportive until when backed into a meeting called by my bully with senior administrative staff present I fought back. Then I watched them crumble. They would have been quite happy to have sung revolutionary songs with me and talked about how the workers get screwed, watched me suffer and fall and then bandage my wounds. But when, finally, backed into a corner, I fought I watched them run screaming with their banners trailing between their bandy legs.